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11 Tips to Get to Your Happiest Self

11 Tips to Get to Your Happiest Self

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In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose dives into 11 habits of exceptionally happy people. The key, for Rose, is how these people do not let unecessary elements interfere with their everyday.

One of the first recommendations Rose makes is turning off your notifications. Turning off the notifications on your phone will allow you to stay in the moment. Part of this habit of staying present includes not checking your phone when you’re spending time with others. Rose also emphasizes not blaming other people for anything, and going after what you want.

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Rose also makes an active move to not whine about his life and letting his mindset stay on the positive side. Always consider there are others who have it worse than you do.

Moreover, do not waste time on people who bring no value to your life. For Rose, that means spending time predominantly with family and his business’s paying customers, because those are the relationships that make him happiest.

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