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5 Golden ways to Maximize your commute hours

5 Golden ways to Maximize your commute hours


Simply, A Commute hour is the timeframe from one destination to another. This can be from home to office, school, outside the town and so on. It is one of the most overlooked periods when it comes to productivity due to certain reasons such as short time frame and distraction. However, many successful people around the world make use of this little time to help their productivity.

Take a look at this, If it takes you 10 minutes to get to work via a bus, that’s 20 minutes commute hour per day, that’s about 2hours commute hour a day. The effect of this might not count from the start because it’s small but over time, it becomes huge. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. However, the benefits of these little tasks are that it creates time for you to take on some big tasks without this choking them


You must have probably heard about reading a book on a bus, yes! It works overtime. Recently, a was in a reading group and daily we had to read at least 5 pages of “Atomic Habits” by James clear, daily and It takes me nothing less than 25 minutes to get to work using the staff bus. Trust me, it was sufficient for me to clear that task. However, you might get distracted by some people but just try and keep focus and limit the distractions by using an earphone.

Learning during this period is not limited to reading, you can watch a tutorial video, listen to a podcast, etc. The goal is all about you staying committed to growing daily. Learn about new work-related stuff, personal living and so on.

This is the perfect time to attend to your personal chats, emails and so on. This way you will avoid having a lot of unread emails and chats. Also, you don’t want to miss on so many opportunities or keep people’s chat for long without attending to them.

This helps you to achieve a higher productivity during the task ahead. For instance, you are going to a conference, work, home and so on. You can focus your mind on what the conference will look like, meditate on what tasks you want to do at work, or what you will be doing when you get home. This is an exercise to prepare you for the next task, not some worrying period.

I strongly recommend this especially if you use a staff bus to work. This helps you to meet people that might be of help someday. Robin Sharma said “Guests are gods” so interact with people. However, this interaction is not a time to dwell on personal issues but a time to meet someone new and depending on who the person is, you might want to exchange contacts.

This process helps me to reflect best while staying committed to writing daily. I write about my day on my phone’s notepad. This helps at the long run to articulate my tasks for the day, evaluate them and decide on how to improve.

In conclusion, these activities might seem minute and do not count on the start but with these you have a chance to keep growing daily, maintaining a clear chat and improving your productivity.

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