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5 Powerful Hacks for Daily Productivity to do Before Bed 

5 Powerful Hacks for Daily Productivity to do Before Bed 



In this article, I shared 5 basic activities that help me achieve great productivity every day. These activities help prepare my mind for a productive day. It is a tested truth that if you want to achieve a highly productive day, you should prepare the evening before. Most successful people across the globe understand this and practise them regularly in other to achieve a productive day. 

Personally, most of my unproductive days are those which I failed to have a plan for. This is to say that if one fails to plan, one might be unconsciously planning to fail. So, read through these tips, understand and practice them regularly. 

  1. Review your daily goals

What goals are you goal to review? Do you even have one? If you do not which I doubt, probably they are written out or well spelt out. You should make your goals plain to yourself first. Tom Steyer opined that clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives. I totally agree with him. Know what you are working on and each day make an atomic step towards it. How do you know, if do not review your goals?

 This act is to help you to know what progress you made in a day and that which you should do tomorrow. You can approach this by journaling or ticking a checklist of the things you wanted to do. You will be surprised over time about that which you have achieved.

  1. Plan the next day

Coming with the result of the daily review in your hand, set the goals you want to achieve the following day. I plan with each hour in view, such that I have laid up plans for each hour of the day in my notepad. However, there are times when your day might be such that you cannot predict the workflow, I will advise you to keep other tasks outside these hours. Focus on your work, be ready for whatever comes. Make sure you do not go into a day without picturing what the day has to offer.

  1. Decide on what to eat

Most times, when it comes to planning our day, we often forget to decide on our meals for the day too. This might look minute but It can really be a difficult thing to decide to compare the variety of food and their availability. When you decide this earlier, you save yourself the stress of having to think about food when you are hungry, only for you to get what you have decided. However, be as sincere as possible when doing this. Do not decide on eating rice has breakfast when you do not have rice in your house to cook or money to buy it.

  1. Arrange the things you need

You will agree with me that it can really be stressful forgetting something you will need at work or school at home. You might have to spend more money, be flogged, or denied access to a venue and so on. Therefore, reduce the chances of this by arranging your bag the night before and selecting the clothes to wear. This way, you won’t be trying to rush out in the morning and then forget something. It takes only a few minutes to get this done.

  1. Practice gratitude

Learn to appreciate God, yourself, family and friends. A sweet word to your spouse and kids, a text message to a friend or colleague who helped during the day and so on will help build your consciousness to those around you and relax your mind. Also, be positive-minded, hope for a better day tomorrow. 

Depending on your level of focus and frequency of repetition, you get to reduce the time needed to do these activities while your level of interest increases. I use 15-30 minutes of my evening to get this done and I encourage you to do likewise. Why not invest 15-30 minutes of today to gain the larger percentage of tomorrow?

Each day starts 00:00 am not 5:00 am when you wake up!

Stay Ahead!


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