5 things Inspiring Leaders do

Temitope Adeosun
Inspiring leaders

5 things Inspiring Leaders do-  The action or ability to lead a group of people or an organization effectively is beyond giving duties to one’s followers and things just get done. The leader’s job is to inspire people to work together in the service of something greater than themselves.

Unfortunately, there are many leaders but inspiration as a tool in leadership is missing in lots of leaders who are better referred to as bosses. They basically exhibit hierarchy and power over others. To be a true leader, your must inspire your team through your actions and words to believe in a common goal. An ability to encourage employee commitment and engagement is key and this is a solid foundation for continued organizational success.

Briefly discussed below are habits worth emulating in order to lead your team to continued success through inspiration.

Stop being a boss, start being an inspiring leader!


1. Inspiring leaders express unerring positivity.

Truly inspiring leaders can find the bright side of any issue. They know that doom and gloom accomplishes nothing, so they remain beacons of positivity in the face of challenges and failures. Of course, problems happen and troubleshooting is inevitable. But if you want to be a truly inspirational, show others the silver lining.

Inspiring leaders positive


2. They are grateful to their team.

Nothing drains commitment from a team like feeling their efforts go unnoticed. Leaders who do not show appreciation for their employees are putting their business at risk for higher turnover, lower output and malaise. Even small gestures of gratitude show people that they matter. Send birthday cards and give bonuses and accolades when they are earned. Even a quick “Thank you, this project couldn’t have happened without you” is enough to inspire and bolster your team.


3. They have a crystal clear vision for the future.

The greatest leaders of our time could articulate a vision so clear it seemed as though it had already come to pass. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech is a perfect example of this. Through words, actions and beliefs, inspiring leaders know what their preferred future looks like and can show others exactly how to get there. To truly inspire, know precisely what you are you striving to achieve.


4. They listen.

Hearing is not the same as listening. Inspirational leaders truly listen to what is said to them and respond appropriately, instead of letting it go in one ear and out the other. Practice an open door policy to receive your team’s feedback and encourage them to contribute to the common goal. This imbues the company with a shared sense of value because everyone participates and everyone is important.


 “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ” – JOHN QUINCY ADAMInspiM


5. They communicate perfectly.

If what a leader is communicating can’t be understood, forward movement is immediately arrested. Some leaders think that short memos or quick meetings will accomplish more. However, cutting corners around communication will only cause time-sucking reiterations. Messages are misunderstood, feelings are hurt, projects turn out wrong, and frustrations increase. Truly inspiring leaders know that taking the right amount of time with each communication ensures that everyone is on board and moving forward.


6. They are trustworthy.

Leaders inspire others to look up to them by telling the truth, being in integrity with what they promise. When employees take pride in their leadership and their organization, inspiration follows.

Passionate inspiring leaders


7. They are passionate.

Enthusiasm for the mission of your organization is critical in being an inspirational leader. Work becomes a meaningless task when done for someone who is blasé about the whole thing. If you don’t know why the work you do matters, your employees won’t either. Keep your vision in the forefront of your mind. Your passion will remind your team often about the “why” of their work.


Subtly emulate these habits and see your team get more committed and productively engaged while they develop love for you which in turn produces continued success.


Be an Extraordinary leader!

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