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Meditation: Why you need to truly need it

Meditation: Why you need to truly need it


There are numerous articles, videos, pod-casts and books on things successful people do and you will agree with me that daily meditation is one. However, when we hear meditation, the picture of a Buddha Priest or yoga comes to mind. This mindset hinders so many from experiencing the immense benefits of meditation.

This article is therefore geared towards correcting the preconceived idea about meditation and educate you how you can meditate properly every day.


Meditation simply is the process of thinking deeply on a subject matter. This subject matter could be your future plan, discussion with a friend, a book you read lately, opportunities, likely activities for the day and so on.



  • To prepare yourself ahead for an upcoming situation.
  • To build confidence and peace about a subject matter.
  • Meditation guides one to make right choices.
  • Meditation also helps to build the energy required for a day’s schedule and goal pursuit.



  • Values: Values are those things you care about. My top 5 values are Self-improvement, Faith, Family, Work and Recreation. Yours could include; friendship, education, lifestyle and so on. When I wake up each morning, I meditate on these values. I reflect and assess myself, ponder about my fellowship with God, think about current situation in my family, what could happen at work and so on.
  • Purpose: My life’s purpose statement is to create a better community by putting smile on people’s faces, making them better version of themselves and living a responsible life. I meditate on this every day. You too can think about what you’re created for.
  • Goals and aspirations: Meditation can be about how you can achieve your life goals before due time since goals are dreams with deadline.


If meditation is done properly, you will realize that you’re motivated and filled with the energy to pursue your goals because in the place of meditation you build assurance and self-confidence. Now, if you constantly remind yourself of your goals and you’re energized each day to pursue them, why won’t you achieve success?


-Create the right environment

  1. Period/ Duration: Meditation is best in a quiet environment where there is no distraction. Therefore, choose a time of the day when there will be no disturbances. I have mine between 4:30 am – 4:45 am. You can follow the same trend or after a cold bath at night.

Note: You can start with 10 minutes every day. Someone said “It is better to meditate 10 minutes every day for week than meditate 70 minutes in a day for one week.”

2. Posture: You must have read or watched videos about crossing legs , breathing in and out, closing your eyes, and so on. You can also pattern yours along the line which works for me- sitting down properly on my chair or pillow, eyes closed to help focus on subject matter and create images in my mind.

The main thing is to choose a posture that is convenient for you throughout the meditation period.choose a posture meditation

-Starting to meditate

  1. Clear your mind: Get rid of things that might be bothering you at the moment. That’s why I advice meditating in the morning when the brain is refreshed, body system is calm or at night after a cold bath other than when your stressed.
  2. Let thoughts flow through you by thinking about the things mentioned in Section A of this article
  3. When you let thoughts flow, it might get to a point where your mind strays off, do not be hard on yourself, try to redirect your thoughts back to the initial thought.
  4. Focus properly on whatever you’re thinking about and closing of eyes helps in this case.

-Download Apps

Also, you can download meditation applications on your phone store to serve as a guide. I use Calm which I downloaded on Play store.

-Till time’s up!

If you try this for the first time and you do not notice any difference or experience anything, congratulations! I felt the same way my very first time though due to some misconceptions that has been corrected in this article. Writing this means I did not back out and I wouldn’t have experienced the benefits mentioned earlier and also be off the path to being more successful!

For Further Exposure,

Watch Andy Puddicombe’s Video : All it takes is 10 mindful minutes.


We’d love to know your thoughts and how well your first experience was and if your are not a beginner, we’d love to know your thoughts.  It could help someone here.




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