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Just Recently, I was reading a business book titled, “Don’t get a job, build a business” by Joan Baker and Joanne Hession. The book is about how business owners and prospective business owners can build a business where they are not just working in the system but on the system. This means how a business owner can create a business where He/she can have time for some other bigger tasks about the business growth or a vacation or creating family time.


You will agree with me that a lot of entrepreneurs or business owners could barely boast of this and this ripple effect of not being able to manage this is evident in the following statistics;




20% of small businesses fail in the first year-but leaders with delegation skills can overcome the odds.

CEOs who delegate have been shown to generate 33% more revenue than CEOs with low delegation skills.




However, the focus of this article is not on the art of delegation but rather on how you can be productive as a business owner. Briefly, I will be sharing with you 5 out of the 10 tips mentioned in the book.

  1. Organise your day

I would like to believe that every business owner plans their day maybe a little tweak to what they have on ground is all that’s needed. However, this particular tip is very important to stay on top of performance. You can have it the night before or early hours of the day depending on whether you are a night owl or early bird.

This particular period should see you have a lined up of activities you want to achieve that very day. It is your first step towards having a successful day, planning. “He who fails to plan plans to fail”. Also, when talking about a list of activities for the day, you have to be as realistic as possible. Don’t go and make a 2-page list of activities for the day, thinking you want to move fast, the truth is you might end up not doing any.


The authors suggested that while making your to-do list, you can limit to either 2-3 tasks you know will count. Then focus on them. Do them. Complete them. Then the following day, repeat the process.


  1. Check out or even disappear

This is a tip most business owners, especially small business owner do not practice. The habit of creating time out when they are not working  but you are found at a park relaxing, meditating somewhere, studying in your lobby. A time where you are not bothered on the operations of the business but rather bigger issues like thinking about the bigger picture, reviewing strategy, planning for the future and so on. Thinking Growth.

This shouldn’t be designated as a luxury but rather a strategy towards success. The authors advised that it should be done at a fixed time and venue consistently. This is true, most times when I travel and I do not my room kind of atmosphere and setting, probably a chair and reading table, I am often less productive the first couple of days while I try to adjust. However, if it comes to my room, I get into the mood easily.

  1. Take charge of technology

Yes! This cannot be overemphasized sincerely. Technology is a blessing and if you can effectively utilize it as a business owner, you have a virtual assistant you are not aware of. Ranging from the use of alarms, notepads, reminders, and a host of productivity tools on the mobile phone, all can be used effectively to help you build a productive lifestyle.

However, this has been abused recently by getting so engrossed with the gadgets and social platforms thereby wasting productive hours. At this point, you as a business owner must take charge of the technology. Control your usage of it, don’t like it control you.


Be disciplined!


  1. Outsource when you can

If it’s not a must that you’re the one who must do the task and it does not fall among the things you love to do (or sometimes even if it does but someone being paid less than you could do it just as easily), then give your business a chance and get it off your plate.


You don’t have to be the one to do everything, outsource some and create time for yourself to handle bigger issues, create more time for family and yourself.


  1. Forget Multitasking


If you do this a lot- eating and pressing your phone, watching a movie and so on, that is one of the best time multitasking works and it doesn’t really because you spend longer time eating or derive less satisfaction from one. However, for serious tasks, multitasking is not your best option.


How effective are you when you are operating about six (6) tabs on different subjects on your browser. I don’t have an effective research time when I do such. Just like the authors said in the book, multitasking is a myth.


Focus on one thing at a time and complete it. Quick gist, while trying to write this article I lost about the first ten minutes of my writing time because I had my WhatsApp messenger on and until I switched it off, I couldn’t write properly.


It’s true we have multiple roles in life (entrepreneur, parent, partner, daughter, friend) and may have to wear multiple hats at times (in your business you may be owner, manager, employee and family member at any given moment), but at any point, you should be attending to only one thing with a clear head.


You should pick up the book too to read and learn about how you can become a successful business owner. Stay Productive.

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