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How To Amazingly Improve Your Facebook Ads Targeting With Influencer Marketing in 2019

How To Amazingly Improve Your Facebook Ads Targeting With Influencer Marketing in 2019



I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say Facebook Ads could be a nightmare to setup, especially if you’re new to it.

There’s a bunch of stuff you need to learn and most times they’ll cost you either a lot of money or a lot of time.
But what if I told you that Facebook Ads could be easy, that you didn’t necessarily have to spend thousands just to achieve good results. I bet you’d like that.


It is possible and in this facebook ads guide, we’ll be discussing exactly how you can improve your Facebook Ads Targeting with this simple but efficient strategy.

Let’s Move On.


Facebook needs no introduction in 2019. They’re the Giant of social media. Facebook users make up 69% of adults on the internet as of Jan 9, 2019. I’m sure you’ll agree that is a lot of people and where there are people there are customers. Not only do you have access to over 2.2 billion users on the Mega Platform but you also get to target exactly what type of people you want to see your ads, down to their gender, location, age group, and even their interests.

It gets better:

When you deal with Facebook Ads CPC you also get to know exactly the amount of people your ads are going to be exposed to according to your budget so you can estimate possible results in advance.

Facebook Ads costs are known to be notoriously cheap. I mean honestly, you’ll never find a better bang for a few bucks if done right.


Want to know the best part?

You can actually Re-Target with Facebook Ads!

Yes, you read that right. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to use something called a Pixel to create lookalike audiences.

Now, How exactly does this benefit a business?

Re-targeting is simply being able to reach people who are similar to your previous audience or people who have visited your site before.
This is such a powerful tool because with it you don’t have to worry about guessing what your audience might be interested in or what age group they’re in or their gender. Facebook does all that for you through your already loaded pixels.

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It gets better:

Not only does Facebook track the type of people that visit your site but it also tracks whatever specific action they take. Including

    • – Add To Carts
      • – Visits
        • – Purchases

        With this information in hand, you can target

          • – People who would most likely purchase whatever type of service/product you’re offering.
            • – People who added to cart but didn’t checkout
              • – People who are basically interested in your product and are more likely to share it.

              This, in turn, reduces your Facebook Ads spend and PPC as well. Now you don’t have to spend countless hours re-tweaking your Ads set, you just simply upload the data from your Facebook pixel when creating a new Facebook ad.

              I’m sure you’ve received an ad from a company/product/service just a few days after viewing their website even outside of Facebook. That’s the Facebook Ads Pixel at work.

              To start using Pixels, all you just simply have to do is get the pixel code from your Facebook Ads Manager and implement it into your website code and voilà, you’ll start receiving data on what type of people are already interested in your ads.


              Here’s exactly how you can set up a Facebook Pixel onto your website.

              Now here’s the kicker:

              To build up a Facebook Ads pixel you actually need traffic and not just random traffic, you need traffic that has converted or taken actions on your site.

              But if you’re new or just don’t get that much traffic or even useful traffic then how on earth will you build up a pixel?


              You can build up your Facebook Ads pixel with Influencer Marketing.

              What is Influencer Marketing?

              Influencer Marketing as its name implies is simply using the audience of someone with a large influence on people. Basically, it’s paying someone who already has a large Audience that is interested in your type of product, service or brand to promote whatever you’re selling for you.

              Think Sponsored Posts!

              Now For Exactly What You’ve Been Waiting For:

              How To Build Your Facebook Ads Pixel With Instagram Influencer Marketing.

              Facebook’s second born, Instagram is also a massive platform with over 800million users and counting and has the highest engagement rate of all the social media platforms. This is where all the influencers are, both the cheap and the expensive.

              Basically, what you’re going to do is find Instagram accounts in your niche or field that are big enough (500k followers upward) to promote your offering.

              How Exactly Do You Find These Instagram Influencers?

              You just simply log on to Instagram and go to the search section and type in whatever keywords are related to your business and checkout the accounts in that niche that have a sizeable following and are posting content relevant to your niche. Let’s say you’re in the dog food niche, you’ll convert better if you run sponsored posts on pages about dogs, rather than a car racing page.

              Once you have the account username, go to Socialblade and checkout the details about the account. SocialBlade lets you check the follow and unfollow activity of an account. This will let you know if the account actually has real followers or they bought fake followers.

              So, if their follow activity shows that one day they have 2000+ followers and the next day they don’t have 0, then they’re probably buying followers.

              Another tactic is to check their most recent posts and see their amount of likes, if they have 500k followers and are only getting 200-300 likes per post then they’re definitely buying followers.

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              Make sure to check out their comments section, if they’re comments section only contains generic comments like “Nice Shot” or “Cool Pic” then you should definitely steer clear as they are probably using engagement groups.

              All these tactics help you filter out the genuine accounts from the bad ones so you don’t end up wasting your budget and also improve your pixels because you’ll be able to actually get real visitors and buyers to your site and improve your Pixel.

              Now that whatever account that’s related to your business has been cleared for Marketing. You just simply slide to their DM and reach out for a 24hr post from them.

              You can use a template like.

              I love what you’re doing on your page it’s really good content. I was wondering if you’d be interested in running a 24 hour sponsored post for my brand about (Insert Related Niche here) on your page. Let me know what you think.”

              Now not all of these accounts will be open to sponsored posts, so always have up to 10 different accounts that you pitch to. The above template should work fine.

              You can as well use an Instagram Influencer Platform like HYPR to find quality influencers in your niche and discuss with and pay them on the same platform. More efficient and less time consuming


              Never pay more than 150$ for a post. After all the goal is to drive a couple sales and get traffic and targeted actions to your site so you can setup your Facebook Ads Pixel.

              Facebook Ads, Targeting, Facebook Ads pixel, influencer Marketing, what is Influencer Marketing,


              After you’ve setup your sponsored post with the influencer account and the sponsored post is already live and you’re getting traffic, make sure your Facebook Ads Pixel is already properly installed beforehand and its collecting all the data.

              Now once you have all the data in your pixel. You can now use the pixels as a targeting option in your Facebook Ads Manager account. You don’t have to worry about tweaking any of your ads set unnecessarily again, now you have the information you need to run specific and targeted ads to a lookalike audience that comprises of people that are actually interested and might need whatever you’re offering.

              Pretty useful I’d say. It’s standard practice to run at least 3-5 influence r ads so as to properly build up your pixels. That way you have more accurate and useful data for your Facebook Ads Pixel.

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